About Pia

How I went from THINKING I was healthy to actually BEING healthy - and in the process inspiring thousands to start their true clean eating journey!

Before the successful health food market. Before the informative clean eating classes.  Before the superfood recipes… there was a self-professed ‘clean eater that thought she knew it all when it came to healthy living!

I was eager for reservations at 5-star restaurants.

I was desperate for cross-country travel to exclusive foodie events.

All the while, I was completely clueless that expensive meals at posh restaurants, no matter where, does not equate to clean eating.

Artisan products, farm-to-table restaurants, and a thousand frauds…

My journey into clean eating has not been smooth sailing!  

I started my market (Artisan's Palate in Temecula, California) in 2013 thinking I was clean eating. I curated products from local artisans that focused on chocolate, cookies, breads, cupcakes, sauces, spices, etc.  I bought into the whole farm-to-table movement and the more ‘hipster’ the products and their marketing, the cleaner it had to be, right?

One day, a local artisan brought me a fresh batch of cupcakes to sell.  When she arrived, she realized she forgot an ingredient and told me she would be right back.  She came back with a bag from the local Dollar Store and in it was a knock off of Oreo cookies that she wanted to use for the topping.

At that moment I realized that just because it’s ‘home-made’ or ‘made fresh doesn’t mean it’s clean eating.  I politely asked her to leave, and ended the relationship, now realizing that clean eating is so much more than ‘made from scratch’.

As I started to look deeper, I realized the chocolatiers were melting Hershey’s chocolate, and then decorating it with industrial ingredients.

The olive oil from my supplier was made with olives from all over California, so no continuity for the source, and he used a 3rd party to press them into oil.

The chefs at my favorite local restaurants were using industrial oils to marinate their local/fresh ingredients.  I was surrounded by frauds, and the sad part - they didn’t even know that they were frauds.

They all believed that they were contributing to the clean eating / farm to table movement…

I quickly realized:

Clean eating is broken and I’m going to fix it! 

Making a cake, also a wine glass.

The first year was rough.

I started to engage my customers more.  I'd ask why they didn’t eat certain categories of foods, and then I started to understand that it wasn’t exactly the type of food, it was the ingredients used that made all the difference.

I was humbled. I wasn’t the clean eater I thought I was. Not even close!

I started to rethink my favorite foods and ask more questions at every turn - no matter the occasion, no matter the audience.  I didn’t care, I was on a mission!

I started to educate my husband, my immediate family, and lucky for me they were open and receptive.

I started to educate my tribe in the shop and some were open but many stopped coming.  They wanted what they wanted and didn’t want to hear about ‘healthier’ options, because to them that was something that would taste bad and not be satisfying.

The real work started and continues to this day! 

I discovered that clean eating is a journey.  It isn’t about deprivation. It’s about enjoying the foods that love you back.

Keep Learning

The journey is about being open to learning at every stage and sharing with people that are ready to learn.  I learned:

✓  Not everyone is ready for change AND that’s okay.
✓  Everybody and every BODY is different AND that’s a good thing.
✓  To hear a lot of people’s opinions but it doesn’t mean I have to listen AND that’s the key.

So after a major mindset shift…




People walking up sand dune.

I decided to write my first online course!

I’ve had the honor of helping thousands of my customers since 2013 strive for better health.
They feel better, look better, have more energy, and many of them have eliminated their reliance to prescription drugs.

Little by little

I am first generation Italian and there is a phrase that was engrained in me. It is, piano piano.  It means little by little or step by step.  It’s how my parents built their lives in a new country and raised a family of 5 demanding and independent kids… especially their last one!

I’ve shown my customers how to make small changes that will last a lifetime, and have confidence in knowing that YOU DO YOU, before you try to change someone else.

I’m able to do this because I live this lifestyle. I don’t get on the latest bandwagon and spew all the latest talking points.  I’m an independent deep thinker and that’s how I teach you to GET FOOD SMART!

Are you ready to make a real change that will give you lasting longevity?

If I hear one more 'expert’ drop one of these tired, old phrases:




I might just remind them that the ‘80’s are calling, and they want their phrases back!

I know you don’t submit to this train of thought because you’re here and you’re ready!

And you feel confident that your effort and your investment will finally pay off.


You can make big changes to your lifestyle right now!


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Toast, cucumbers, tomatoes


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