YOUR GUIDE TO LASTING LONGEVITY (Introductory Price – Limited Time)


Change your life and be happy, healthy and wise with this course on clean eating. You will learn what has happened to our industrial food system and what it really means to eat clean. You will be given strategies to combat the impediments to eating real food that our society has created through clever marketing, advertising and deception.

What’s inside?

  • Over 100 narrated slides.
  • Over 10 in course exercises.
  • 5 Workbooks.
  • 5 reference guides.
  • 2 In-depth interviews on farming

This online guide is like having Pia in your back pocket!  She narrates over 100 informative slides that first explain the current state of our food system and then shows you how to make small but effective changes. As she explains, this is a Journey, it’s not a race to a destination. It’s a mindful approach to achieving lasting longevity.

In the first section, you are given access to an-depth, thought provoking questionnaire. You are encouraged to reference the questionnaire all through your journey to highlight your current mindset and how that mindset shifts as you make progress through the course.

Pia then defines and explains the 3 Pillars for clean eating. These pillars are the cornerstone and the fundamentals of your journey. You are educated on levels of the current food industry. Rather than telling you what to eat, you’re taken step by step on the current industrialization of food manufacturing.  As you follow the fun exercises, you’re Getting Food Smart!  You’re able to lead by example with confidence and never follow a diet again!

Top 10 Things You Learn:

1.  Clean eating isn’t about deprivation.
2.  Say NO to industrial foods, yes even if they are whole foods!
3.  Organic is NOT the gold standard when it comes to clean eating.
4.  Clean eating isn’t about ‘picking a lane’ (vegan, paleo, plant-based, keto, vegetarian etc.) or the latest challenge.
5.  Industrial food is expensive.
6.  No amount of detoxing and cleansing is going to fix poor nutritional choices.
7.  You’re in the driver’s seat when it comes to you and your food journey.
8.  It’s more than just what you put in your mouth.
9.  This is your journey so YOU do YOU!

10.  Be Open and change will happen.

Ready? Come on, let’s get started!


QMay I purchase this course as a gift for someone else?
AWe are actively working on giving you this option. 

QHow long will it take for me to complete the course?
A – Anyone can breeze through the course and just sit back and listen to me narrate the slides back to you in a couple of hours.  However, that’s not advised!  I want you to thoughtfully answer the questionnaire and reference it often as you progress, I want you to open all the workbooks and go through the exercises methodically.  Your thoughtful approach will ensure lasting longevity. 

QWill I be a clean eater upon completion of the course?
A – I wish it was that easy.  The journey that is clean eating isn’t about completion or a destination, it’s about making thoughtful and mindful changes every day.  Where you are today will be completely different in a year from now, you’re continuously being open and learning.  That’s what makes clean eating fun! 

QHow long is the introductory pricing good for?
A – Introductory pricing will remain in effect during the coronavirus emergency. 

QHow long will I have access to the course?
AThere is no time limit on the course. Once you purchase it, you will always have access to it.   

QI’ve been ‘clean eating’ for a long time, do I really need to take the course?
A You’ll be surprised to know that most people think they’re clean eating, then when they’re a third way into the course, they realize, oh boy, not so much!  The realization settles in and then the real work starts. 

QAre all the exercises in the course?
A – There are fun exercises peppered throughout the course. Some are on the course slides and others are in the downloadable workbooks. 

QDo I need to buy anything else for the course?
A – No, once you purchase the course, there are no additional materials you need to purchase once you’re in the course. 

QAre there other courses you’re designing?
A – Yes, but this course is the pre-requisite for all my additional courses. 

QWill you coach me one on one?
A – As much as I’d love to do that, it’s just not feasible.  However, I will be opening a private Membership site in the near future which will be a safe place to discuss our journeys and help nurture our tribe. 

Q – Do you offer a payment plan?
A – At this time, no, but it’s possible when the price increase occurs. 

Q – Is there a money-back guarantee?
A – Not at this time. If you’re unsure of taking the course, please download the free resources I’ve designed for you.  The value is so great in the free resources, I’m certain you’ll be equally satisfied with the course material. 

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